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existential existence gallery [Leipzig|Germany] invited us to do an exibition at their space in the Westwerk.

Our works within ‘Rustin Ruins Of Utopia‘ will happily await your visit from 1st of May till the 3rd of June

Drawing Machines, Kunstrasen, Nemore, Ongoing, Silke and Supermarket will form the exhibition as well as one or two works made especially for the site.

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nemore & susan kempster @ soundframe2011

nemore will be exhibited at the soundframe festival 2011.

instead of an interactive installation, however, nemore will be a performance! Susan Kempster, who already did a great impro the first time she met nemore, will work out a choreography and more.

read for yourself:

“Journeying through Nemore its poles come alive, wailing in dissonant harmony their own strange life song. They reflect my own sense of alienation with a brittle fragility somehow still flexible enough to bend in constant changeable patterns. A gentleness in this hostile landscape invites to enter and explore, inspires curiosity mingled with caution. Nemore invites stillness, the moving visitor agitates the garden, like a nervous system in fight or flight mode.”

An interactive perfomance, inviting spectators to explore the sound garden Nemore for themselves.

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nemore @ subnet

We are happy to contribute to subnet. AIR program. On Jan 13th 2011 we will give a talk on the concept and ideas behind the installation and a workshop on the mechanics and functionality of nemore.

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nemore @ schmiede10

At the Schmiede 2010 we develop the prototype for nemore our most recent interactive kinetic sculpture. At the ‘playground for ideas’ we have ideal production surroundings and a pretty neat industrial environment for the first model of nemore.

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“Nemore” is a garden, consisting of 36 bendable graphite poles. “Nemore” senses the visitor. Each pole has a behavior and reacts to it’s neighbours and to the visitor, of course – the visitor acts an “alien neighbour”. We are interested … Continue reading

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a little ropotic device to draw any vector-graphics into urban lawns.

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Scared Cube

Scared Cube is a little Robot that flees from any visitor. It was exhibited in Santralistanbul in Istanbul.

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Upper Austria Interactive

Upon invitation a concept for an exhibition for an entire room inside the Schlossmuseum Linz (Upper Austria) was created. A playful interactive installation invites the visitors to either dive into information-cloud of the recently merged federal databases or observing another … Continue reading

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